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Social Networking is one area that has grown phenomenally over the past few years.

The web is evolving, and users want more and more from their online experience. Instead of just reading information, users want to be able to interact, communicate and feel part of an online community. Uploading photos, blogging, wikis or social networking are all interactive elements that are making up the Web 2.0 world, and business are beginning to realize the potential this offers them.

Sites such as Orkut, YouTube, MySpace, Flickr and Facebook are bringing together people from around the world and allowing them to communicate, either on a social or business level online, and for business it's now becoming a value added feature they need to have in their marketing arsenal.

Facebook has grown in popularity and is now one of the most popular social networking websites, with over 58 million active users around the world. The launch of Facebook Platform in March 2007, allowing any developer to build new applications for use on the site, has provided the ideal opportunity for business to create their own business branded applications, and reach some of this potential audience.

What do all these Web 2.0 and Social Marketing terms mean. Here is a small start to helping you understand.

Refers to the evolution of web sites from simple information resources to interactive sites that offer user generated content and online collaboration and sharing amongst users.

Online communities that bring individuals together that share common interests.

The use of social networks to produce an increase in brand awareness. Viral marketing encourages people to pass along a marketing message voluntarily.

E-commerce sites can benefit hugely by adding social networking features allowing customers to review products and share their experience often suggesting additional purchases and "up sells", these can be completely self moderated or with full moderation with posts needing to be approved by designated users.

Social network enabled informational sites can grow organically with a large membership adding their own content and rating the existing materials, driving brand awareness, loyalty and traffic.

If you are searching for a proven social networking web development company, we can deliver the Social Networking platform you're looking for while providing you full ownership rights to a custom solution.

We can build all of the core social networking functionality (registration, profiles, message wall, friends, videos, photos, privacy controls, etc…) plus a limitless amount of custom modules and unique features. Our expertise is in applying our broad social networking experience and innovations to various niches and vertical markets for new or existing technology companies. We build Extensible, Flexible Web Applications using Drupal or Symfony and Standards Compliant XHTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL with Innovative AJAX Usage and Browser Compatible, W3 Certified, Section 508 Compliant Coding. We build social networking applications that are scalable, tested, and extremely custom, while providing resources like documentation and ongoing support when needed.

We can handle integration (OpenID, OpenSocial) needs, turnkey features, and custom / complex modules.

  User Registration
  User Administration
  Activity Reporting
  Discussion Forums
  Customizable Users Homepages
  Customizable Personal Profiles
  Presence Awareness (Who's online lists)
  File / Audio / Video Sharing
  Polls / Surveys
  Community Chat
  RSS - Content Syndication
  User Role Administration
  Photo Sharing, Ratings & Comments
  User Directory
  Content Management (CMS)
  Interactive Media
And Many More .................................

We have already developed a Clone Of ORKUT ( Contact Us for demo and details regarding the same.


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