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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the active practice of optimizing a web site by improving internal and external aspects in order to increase the traffic the site receives from search engines.

The use of search engine optimization company and effective web promotion helps a website to be found through a wide range of internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc). Once awarded the project we design a comprehensive and effective web promotion model for the site where effective search engine optimization is a part of the initiative and execute the SEO Processes keeping the achievement of top search engine ranking in mind.

We will work with you to make your website content rich and search engine friendly - this will increase your search engine rankings services. Only then will your website stay in the top search engine rankings for the long-term we also keep track of the search engine optimization project and keep on updating with a user friendly search engine ranking report to our clients across the country and across the globe.

Search Engine Optimization is often ignored entirely or left to technical people to implement, however SEO is an absolute key marketing and advertising function and drives the success of many modern, online businesses including our own.

To succeed with SEO, someone needs to be held accountable for the results and any delayed results resulting from the learning curve of non-professionals will cost you clients and sales. A key consideration is whether you believe that it will cost you less to do it in-house than it would to choose SEO professionals like ourselves and whether you really believe that the in-house results will be equal to or greater than the results from professional SEO consultants.

SEO brings paying customers to your doorstep. The customers that SEO bring you are specifically looking for what you offer, so the return tends to be higher than casual browsers. In comparison to traditional media, an effective outsourced SEO plan costs a fraction of the price.

Whilst there are no guarantees with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), A. S. Web Technology offers tried, tested and proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is designed to develop and grow over time. If you are a website owner or CEO and have come across this page whilst researching search engine optimization (SEO) then you need to consider if your business can afford to ignore this key internet marketing strategy.

You should also consider how you found our website - was it via a search engine ? In excess of 75% of our new business comes as a result of searches through the major search engines - Google, Yahoo and others. If we can get results for ourselves, we can do the same for you and your business.

A. S. Web Technology offers existing customers or customers looking to move their hosting or website maintenance to A. S. Web Technology, three search engine placement optimization programs. These packages are all tailored specifically to your company. The search engine placement packages are designed to either start or increase further the flow of leads via your existing website.

Standard Search Engine Placement Package

A. S. Web Technology's standard level of search engine optimization is ideal for the small to medium sized business who wants to ensure that its website is not lost amidst the progress of newer websites which are appearing daily on the web.

Advanced Search Engine Placement Package

A. S. Web Technology's advanced level of search engine optimization offers a package that ensures that your site is always actively being worked on and promoted.

Advanced websites are aware of the power of the internet to bring business to your doorstep and recognize that superior listings takes considerable backend work, endeavor and patience. Advanced websites do not get lost amidst the progression of newer websites and consistently feature on the first three pages of Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Enterprise Search Engine Placement Package

A. S. Web Technology's Enterprise level search engine optimization package is geared towards sites who are serious about making their presence felt online.

Enterprise Level offers a package that ensures that not only is your site always actively being worked on but the site is being promoted from day 1 by the use of Google Adwords and similar Pay-Per-Click advertising media. Furthermore, Enterprise level SEO benefits from our ongoing assistance with your web marketing, creating a clear year-long marketing strategy plan for the success of your site using all the various web marketing means available.

Enterprise websites have taken a long-term decision to ensure the success of their site through the use of the proper techniques. Enterprise sites never get lost amidst the progression of newer websites and are usually best of breed, consistently featuring on the first page of Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Click Here to know more about our SEO Processes.

Existing website review includes a web stats report we provide to each Customer. At the end of this process, A. S. Web Technology will provide to our customer another final report with all our analysis, stats, popularity, ranking and traffic for each website we work on. If the results are the same like at the beginning, WE GIVE ALL MONEY BACK TO EACH CUSTOMER !


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