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We have had some of our clients very kindly recommend us and we feel it's the time we offer you something back to those of you who now value our service enough to spread the word. Please make sure that you give your own details to the person you are recommending us,  so that we can identify where the recommendation came from. If we sign up / finalize deal with your recommended business, we will send you a Cheque Of INR 500 as a gesture of our gratitude.

If you had a good experience with A. S. Web Technology we would appreciate it very much if you could share that positive experience with other businesses. As you probably have discovered by now we have done our level best to deliver you with a website you can use well with your business and shown you that the Internet doesn't have to be a scary or rip off place for small businesses. As above we will send you a Cheque Of INR 500 for named recommendations that turn into new business for A. S. Web Technology.

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