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We can help you meet those needs with nothing but high standards of quality on each and every one.

Outsourcing to India is not a new thing but it's much different than it was in the past. Previously, many companies worried about the language barriers and cultural differences as well as how they would communicate and how to get services rendered when outsourcing the other countries such as India. That has all changed today as the English language has flourished with many workers in India and the Internet has made correspondence easier than ever before.

The IT industry is booming and outsourcing from India is now playing a big role in the development of many US and UK sites. Did you know that anywhere from 1/2 to 2/3 of all Fortune 500 companies are currently outsourcing to India ? With this type of outsourcing, you can cut application development, save time and you can lower maintenance costs, deal with peaks and valleys of software demands and still maintain a qualified and competitive product.

While outsourcing to India is becoming much more popular than it once was and easier to accomplish successfully, there still are not many qualified companies to work with. This is where A. S. Web Technology comes in to help you. We are a highly qualified firm of techs that can do your job quickly and accurately and save you both time and money. A. S. Web Technology designs, builds, and supports business sites using a wide range of media and programming tools such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash MX 2004, Fireworks MX, ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, JSP, JAVASCRIPT, DHTML, MySQL & MS SQL and other web technologies.

We are up to date on all of the latest technology and tools used in the business and we go the extra mile by adding those personal touches to each project we take. We will talk with you and listen to you to find out exactly what you are looking for in your web development or design project and take every step to provide you with exactly that. Additionally, we often work with the "little guy" and the small companies such as a music store or a real estate firm, those businesses that the big IT companies turn down.

The reason behind India being the main destination for IT Enabled Services for major global companies are :

India has a virtual 12-hour time zone difference with U.S.A and other major markets for IT-enabled Services.

India has a huge pool of English speaking and computer literate graduate manpower, who will continue to cater to the growing demand for professionals for IT- enabled Services. These professionals are skilled as well as quality conscious.

Cost of qualified personnel is amongst the lowest in the world.

Many State Governments in India offer special incentives and infrastructure for setting up IT-enabled Services.

India enjoys a very strong brand equity in major markets, thanks to its growing and globally competitive software industry.

More than 185 of Fortune 500 companies already have offshore centers in India. Therefore vendors in India are used to dealing with the requirements of an offshore initiative.

We deliver solutions that maximize the returns on the client's investments on us. Because we constantly ensure that our technology is well aligned with our client's existing business strategies, practices, structures and visions and the development process is completed within the specified time frame.

Our project managers, having proficiency in both computer technologies and foreign languages, first chalk-out the task detail based on your specific requirements staying in regular touch with you. Then the module structure is passed to our programmers who in turn develop the whole project with accuracy and speed. At the final step, the project is rigorously tested by both the teams to achieve a clinical finish of the project.

The whole process is a well-knitted teamwork embedded with individual brilliance. The result is a high quality Web or Software solution for the client, at a low cost and fast turnaround time, who entrusted us for his Offshore Outsourcing from India.

Our proficiency and expertise in the Offshore IT Development processes are based on our experience base, innovations and technical skills. We always extend the benefits of these proficiencies with every new engagement and enrich our client's business.

Our programmers are skilled at developing softwares that integrate a wide variety of computer based systems and technologies. Our efficient Project Managers write and customize softwares for use on the Internet, Unix, Linux and Windows.

We have taken Offshore Outsourcing of IT projects to India to a new height by integrating all the essential aspects of a successful Offshore Outsourcing venture of a global client; i.e. understanding the client and his requirements, keeping intimate contact with him, latest technologies, human skills & expertise and above all excellent customer service.

We need the following minimum prerequisites from your end to get the job done in better and timely manner :

  Documented project specification about your exact requirements.
  Open communication through e-mail, chat.
  Your time to time feedback about our work.


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