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When a thing comes to selling product in real world the picture becomes more complicated and challenging. There are many ways to introduce products and services to the outer world and are also developed to meet the need of the market but they give very pour result and results in a bad experience. While the challenge stays at the same place for sales people.

And after understanding the fact the huge corporate houses have accept Digital sales and marketing solutions. The product and service has to travel from sales people to the end-user and for this it uses mediums like Corporate Brochures, Product Brochure, Company Report, Company Presentation, Print Ads, TV Commercials.

A. S. Web  Technology has spent over the years by understanding the need and market situation and has designed Multimedia Solutions at its best.

Our team is built with talented industry people having great vision and creativity.

We offer our services in creating presentation for company profiles, product features and details explaining the functionalities, for explaining newer concept.

Our talented team of multimedia designers offer a wide range of CD-ROM presentation development including Flash, Powerpoint templates, CD-ROM and more.

CD-ROM, DVD and electronic business cards deliver a cost-effective and effective brochure-style presentation to your customers. Unlike traditional printed brochures, a CD-ROM can be deployed in small production runs cost-effectively which provides you with the flexibility to update your sales message and corporate image quickly. Furthermore, by delivering CD-ROM updates over the Internet it is possible to keep your content and image fresh.

We can handle every aspect of your CD-ROM production including creative artwork, programming, beta-testing, replication and packaging.

High-impact, Flash presentations will help your products and services to stand out from the competition. A good multimedia, Flash presentation has great impact at any event, show or sales pitch you may be making.

Our Flash presentations can be made in a way that provide editorial functionality to you allowing simple content edits for a bespoke presentation at every sales pitch.

Microsoft's PowerPoint is the most widely used screen-based presentation medium in the world. Most sales representatives are comfortable editing PowerPoint content but how many are professional multimedia designers ?

Many companies make the mistake of producing poor quality presentations in-house. A. S. Web Technology can help you to design professional PowerPoint templates in order to deliver a consistent, corporate image.

Interactive screensavers are an under-exploited marketing medium. By producing a good corporate screensaver you can maintain a regular and high-profile relationship with your customers.

In order to engage your customer with your corporate screensaver we employ innovative gaming experiences or amusing animations underpinned by your key sales messages.

A. S. Web Technology can produce PDF download versions of your corporate sales brochure or other literature. PDF Brochures provide a cost-effective alternative to printed brochures whilst still offering the benefits of paper-based sales materials.


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