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A. S. Web Technology develops e-commerce website solutions that deliver tangible, measurable results. This could be as simple as an online product catalogue, or as complex as integrating facets of your operations into a single enterprise commerce portal. We apply a proven methodology to the design and development of transactional websites which is focused exclusively on removing barriers to sale. Developed and refined over the last two years, the methodology combines design, technology and process to create the optimum environment for buying online.

E-commerce is a highly specialized field that requires hands-on experience in both setting up the store front as well as its day to day operations. There are very few who can truthfully claim to have such experience and depth in E-commerce. We at A. S. Web Technology exceed these claims. We have been among the pioneers in this field having designed and set up stand-alone Internet storefronts for our clients successfully. We have built and managed large number of ecommerce / shopping cart websites. This has provided us with a unique experience of being involved with all aspects of store front set-up and operations We use our expertise to design and develop the most effective store fronts for our clients.

The web has become a necessary medium and platform for business enterprises, both big and small, to communicate seamlessly with partners/other business houses, to connect securely with their back-end data systems and to transact and execute commerce successfully. A. S. Web Technology offers arrays of B2B as well as B2C Solutions that would cut costs and speed up communication (external and internal) with a highly convenient process.

B2B (BUSINESS TO BUSINESS) plays a decisive role in today's digital economy, as it facilitates the exchange of structured messages with other business partners either through the Internet or other private networks to generate and transform business relationships.

B2B Development business landscapes are changing continuously with a broad spectrum of web services, including applications support and e-commerce support for customized and integrated hub. Markets are no longer confined by physical boundaries. B2B Development Services assists manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers across industries by providing web-based applications that expose and deliver business-specific information about employees or business partners.

B2C (BUSINESS TO CUSTOMER) provides the advantage of conducting business directly with the consumer (customer). From a market perspective, a business-to-consumer (B2C) site is just the end point of a business-to-business (B2B) to customer supply chain. Our B2C Solutions focus deeply on attracting potential prospects and converting them into customers, and then retaining them.

B2B is primarily concerned with supply chain management and plays a vital role in connecting manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, B2C sites sell products, services and information directly to end-users. No matter what your business model is (B2B or B2C), A. S. Web Technology will provide you with a unique, well-structured and completely manageable Web presence that combines information, community and commerce with the reliability and security required for e-business operations.

We provide specialized services to cater to the specific web requirements that are by practice defined by the client. In this context, we concentrate more on the implementation approach for the customer defined requirements coupled with the right technologies to deliver a high quality web solution.

B2B plays a decisive role in today's digital economy, as it facilitates the exchange of structured messages with other business partners either through the Internet or other private networks to generate and transform business relationships.

Our dedicated team of web consultants from diverse backgrounds with previous experience in business consulting can provide consulting services to build an e-business and to evaluate study and formalize an e-business plan for specific initiatives.

E-Commerce is more than just selling a product online. It's about dealing with customers in a very user-friendly approach, streamlining your inventory for easy selection, and improving logistics within your organization to increase productivity and response.

- Shopping Carts / E-Stores
- Payment Gateway Integration
- Merchant Account Setups
- Real Time Credit Card Processing
- Socket Secure Layer (SSL)
- Order Status & Tracking


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